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Recruitment procedure and requirements

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1. Applicants should be prepared with following documents:

a) Job application, and resumes in Chinese and English (one for each version);

b) The copies of Bachelor’s, Master’s and doctor’s degree diplomas as well as graduation certificates respectively;

c) Authentication of educational certificates by the Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China (for applicants with a foreign doctor’s degree), and certificate of returned overseas scholars(for applicants with a foreign post-doctor’s degree);

d) Published Paper lists, proved index, Chinese Academy SCI journal included proof, and at least three masterpieces published during last five years (including the cover and content of the journal with full text);

e) Copies or documentary evidence of award certificates, patent certificates and scientific research situation;

2、The applicant will be interviewed and evaluated by the school academic board, which consists of 7 experts from within and outside school. Based on the evaluation, the administrative and party leaders will make final decisions on joint committee. If the committee approved, the school administrator and party secretary will sign the comprehensive evaluation and qualification inspection respectively. The school provides the following documents:

a) Talent Introduction Application Report (including the description of teachers ' professional title evaluation);

b) The NPU Introduction and Reception Registration Form;

c) The NPU Newly Hired Teacher Academic Level Evaluation Form (at least 7 copies);

d) The NPU Newly Hired Teacher Trial Teaching Rating Form (at least 7 copies)。

3、The above mentioned documents will be submitted to personnel department by the school.

4、The introduced talents, who is recommended by the school to apply for special or direct title grading, could join in the professional title special grading evaluation committee with the permission of the university, and should provide the following documents:

a) Detailed resumes (9 copies);

b) The NPU special or direct title grading evaluation forms (9 copies);

c) Electronic documents in PPT form on basic information about the applicant, which includes educational working experience (in English), research situation and achievements, and working plans. (The applicant will be required to do a report on this within 8-10 min).

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