The foreign language discipline of Northwestern Polytechnical University (NPU) has a long history, profound foundation and sublime notion. As early as 1984, the university established its Master's degree program of foreign linguistics and applied linguistics, being the first of its kind among the science and engineering universities in Northwest China. Department of Foreign Languages was founded in 1985 and started from 1993 to enroll four-year undergraduates majoring in English. In December 2000,Since 2002, Department of Foreign Languages has enrolled four-year undergraduates majoring in German. it established with approval its Master's Degree Program of German Language and Literature. It offers teaching courses of English, Russian, Japanese, German and French for the university's PhD candidates, Master's degree postgraduates and undergraduates.

School of Foreign Studies has its Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (including English Teaching and Research Section and German Teaching and Research Section), Foreign Languages and Literature Research Institute, Master of Translation and Interpretation Educational Center, College English Teaching Section (including the First College English Teaching and Research Section and the Second College English Teaching and Research Section), and the Foreign Language Non-major Postgraduate Teaching Section. The school has 112 faculty, among which 100 are teachers, including 11 professors, 49 associate professors, one member of the National Teaching Advisory Committee and three Shaanxi Provincial Distinguished Teaching Professors. Each year, over 10 international teachers from the US, Germany, the UK, Sweden and other countries teach on part-time basis at the school. The school has four Master's degree programs and four undergraduate programs, enrollingmore than 358 Master's degree postgraduates and undergraduates.

The school has its multimedia audio classroom, simultaneous interpretation audio laboratory, foreign language materials room and the test site for Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC). The College English Course undertaken by the school was appraised as the National Quality Course and the National Quality Resource Share Course. NPU is a backbone base of the Model UN activity, and the Model UN team tutored by professors of the school has a brilliant performance and has a very high reputation at home. In 2009, the school won two second prizes of the National Excellent Teaching Achievement Award. In 2010, the College English teaching team was appraised as the National Excellent Teaching Team.

In the areas of student education, exchange visits of teachers and research collaboration, the school has established the exchange and cooperation relations with the educational or research organizations of several countries such as the US, Sweden, Germany and so on.

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